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RNT No. 645

The Wayuu Origin Route

(7 Nights 8 Days)

The journey through Wayuu Territory is a mythical voyage across the Guajira geography, aiming to uncover the contemporary significance of myths deeply rooted in specific locations on the peninsula. The journey explores hills formed from people turned into mountains, the woman with a toothed vagina, the stone measuring the length of life, sand dunes amidst cloudy mountains, the great stone where the representative signs of each clan are engraved, and the place where Wayuu spirits rest, all composing this sacred geography.

Day 1. Opening the Circle

We begin by opening the circle with an ancestral dance (Yonna) as a welcoming and initiation ceremony into the Wayuu universe. You will immerse yourself in their culture, myths, legends, typical food, and accommodation under a thatched roof where you can sleep in hammocks.

Day 2. Traces of Departure. Riohacha-Uribia-Epitsi-Siapana

At 4 in the morning, seated around the campfire, we share coffee and our dreams from the night before, with the possibility of interpretation by a Wayuu. We enjoy a typical breakfast before boarding a 4x4 vehicle to begin the journey towards Cerro Epitsi (Cerro de la Teta). According to Wayuu mythology, this is the first of the three brothers who emerged from the Sierra and became a mountain. We visit the indigenous boarding school located nearby, interact with some of the young people from the institution, who share local versions of the myths of the area. Later, we continue the journey to Siapana, to the home of a local resident, where we spend the night in beautiful hammocks handcrafted by Wayuu women from the locality.

Day 3. Testing Destiny

We start the day with black coffee to fully wake up, followed by a hearty breakfast to continue the journey to the Piedras de Alasüú. Here, we will meet the traditional authority of the area and possibly some children who will share mythical stories about the totem marks, explaining how they ceased to be "like goats" so that each clan could have its own identity. Continuing the journey, we head higher into La Guajira, towards Punta Espada and the El Paraíso rancheria. There, the Uriana family will take us to Taluwayuupana or the Stone of Destiny, sharing the mythical stories their ancestors have told about this place. The brave can test how long or short their destiny will be by trying to enter the stone's slit; some may pass, and others may not. In the afternoon, we continue to Nazareth and rest at Dora's house, which offers accommodation in hammocks. Its location provides a pleasant rest and a dawn filled with the songs and colors of birds flying around while they eat mangoes and other fruits.

Day 4. The Challenge

A substantial breakfast is essential because the journey that begins today involves a steep hike to conquer the second mythological hill, Itojoro, or Itojolou (Toasted Corn), standing at 432 steep meters above sea level. From here, you will enjoy a 360-degree view, including a panoramic vista of Nazareth and the Macuira mountain range. The vegetation, with its gray and silver colors, along with the rocks that form the hill's base, serve as a backdrop to the green and reddish colors of the naked Wayuu and olive trees, among other features, all of which have multiple uses for the Wayuu. After a rich and exhausting journey, we return to Dora's house to rest.

In the late afternoon, there will be an opportunity to explore the town, visit the hospital with special thatched areas for Wayuu accompanying their patients, interact with the local population, appreciate, and purchase the finest textiles from La Guajira.

Day 5. The Origin. Nazareth-Punta Gallinas

After breakfast, the route takes us to the Wotkasainru’u creek, where, according to Wayuu mythology, Worunka, the woman with the toothed vagina, gave birth to Wayuu human life and the colors of birds. We then proceed to Aleewolu’u dune, where the Wayuu used to gather with Maleiwa (their God) to share their conflicts and projects. Permission is sought from the spirits, recognizing the power attributed to the location. The journey continues to the northernmost part of South America, Punta Gallinas, the energetic gateway to Colombia and South America. Here, you can let go of negative vibes and recharge with new energies. Before leaving, take time to enjoy the beautiful dunes of Taroa, an inspiration for capturing spectacular photographs. Accommodation.

Day 6. Punta Gallinas - Cabo de La Vela

After breakfast, we depart for Cabo de la Vela. Upon arrival, we pause to observe and photograph the beautiful sunset. Later, at the hostel, you will hear some stories about the mythology related to the area.

Day 7. Jepirra: Closing the Circle. Cabo de la Vela-Riohacha

We set out early to take a boat trip to the holiest place for the Wayuu, JEPIRRA, where, according to their mythology, the souls of deceased Wayuu rest. A tribute is offered to the Spirits of these waters as a sign of respect and gratitude for allowing us to learn a little more about their world. It is also a gesture for a tranquil journey and a benevolent future. On the return journey, we head to the beaches of Kamaichi (the third of the three brothers) for a swim in the cold sea waters and to cleanse physical and spiritual impurities. It's a farewell of sorts because, in the spiritual world, everything is connected by invisible threads that intertwine all. We then continue our journey to Manaure and visit the artisanal salt mines, followed by lunch. Afterward, we arrive in Riohacha for accommodation.

Day 8. Riohacha

This day is free for leisure. At the scheduled time, we will transfer you to Almirante Padilla Airport.

Please note that some parts of the text were previously translated and may have minor adjustments for context and readability.

Danza Yonna
Alta Guajira
Cerro La Teta Uribia
Dunas de taroa
Meteorito de Warpana
Tarde de Ranchería

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Tourist Quality Certificate
$3.154.286 /Cu
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$2.447.143 /Cu
$2.323.664 /Cu
$2.158.929 /Cu
$2.016.786 /Cu
$2.005.715 /Cu
$1.827.143 /Cu

Included Services

  • Transfers as described

  • 7 nights of accommodation according to the plan

  • Boat transfer to Jepirra

  • Local guides

  • Continuous supply of drinking water

  • Meals: 6 lunches, 7 dinners, 7 breakfasts

  • Medical assistance insurance

  • Wayuu host and interpreter throughout the journey

Not Included Services

  • Breakfast on day 1

  • Beverages

  • Expenses not specified in the program

It is recommended to have a nutritious breakfast before starting the tour on the first day since meals included in the plan start from lunch on day 1.

Optional Tours

  • Bilingual Guide

  • Boat ride on Bahía Hondita

  • Body massage


GUAJIRA TOURS LTDA, voluntarily adheres to the parameters of LAW 679 OF 2001, "by means of which a statute is enacted to prevent and counteract the exploitation, pornography, and sexual tourism with minors, in development of article 44 of the Constitution." It is also warned to clients that neither the agency nor its guides will promote in any case any such practice.

GUAJIRA TOURS LTDA is committed to managing the largest number of variables within our reach in fulfilling the program, considering the possibility of alterations in this proposed program due to possible unforeseen events that may occur, caused by weather, road landslides, closed roads, medical emergencies, poor communications, transportation failures, or delays.

There are limits to GUAJIRA TOURS LTDA's responsibilities regarding legal matters or other inconveniences in which the user may be involved. In case the user is forced to withdraw from the tour for different reasons, and likewise, regarding the personal expenses that the passenger incurs. (Mincomercio Decree 053 Article 03 of 2002).

There are circumstances in which GUAJIRA TOURS LTDA reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary, travel dates, hotels, transportation, and any others that may be necessary to ensure the success of the tour. (Mincomercio Decree 053 of 2002).

GUAJIRA TOURS LTDA is subject to the responsibility regime established by Law 300/96 and D.R. 1075/97.

Guajira Tours Ltda. is subject to the responsibility regime established by Law 300/96, D.R. 1075/97, Decree 2438 of 2010, and the regulations that modify, add to, or reform them. The responsibility of the organizer of the travel plan or package is limited to the terms and conditions of the program regarding the provision and quality of services. The agency does not assume any responsibility for the air transportation service, except when it is a chartered flight and in accordance with the conditions of the transportation contract.

The policies for refunding services not provided due to force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, actions or omissions by third parties or the passenger, not attributable to the travel agency, before or during the trip, which may be subject to refund, will be defined by each operator, and they will be confirmed to the user once the travel documents are reserved and issued, as well as the percentages of penalties or deductions that may apply. Guajira Tours Ltda. is not jointly responsible for the sums requested for a refund. Refunds, if applicable, will be made within 30 calendar days following the request. However, if the process takes longer due to causes beyond Guajira Tours Ltda., no interest will be recognized on the sums to be refunded. The refund percentage will depend on the conditions of the provider and the agency's administrative expenses.

The agency assumes no responsibility towards the user or traveler for events such as accidents, strikes, riots, earthquakes, climatic or natural phenomena, security conditions, political factors, denial of entry permits or visas, legal matters of the traveler, health matters, and any other case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstance that may occur before or during the trip.

In the event of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances before or during the trip (accidents, strikes, riots, earthquakes, climatic factors, security conditions, political factors, denial of entry permits, health matters, among others), or simply to ensure the success of the plan, the operator and/or the agency may modify, replace, or cancel itineraries, travel dates, flights, hotels, optional services, which is hereby accepted by the passenger at the time of purchasing the services.

If a visa is required, Guajira Tours Ltda. will provide the necessary advice, and it is the exclusive responsibility of the consular authority to handle everything related to the process, the requested documents, the study, costs, processing time, and approval or rejection. In case of a visa denial, there will be no refund of the sums paid by the applicant. In any case, it will be the passenger's exclusive responsibility to carry out and comply with the informed requirements.

The specific conditions of each plan will define the payment method and term. The value and payment method of deposits or advances, tickets, reservations for sports and cultural events, fairs, exhibitions, and similar events, will be subject to the conditions of the organizer of such events, which will be informed at the time of purchase.

The passenger will be solely responsible for the custody of their luggage and travel documents. Guajira Tours Ltda. may guide the passenger in case of loss of luggage or travel documents. However, under no circumstances will it be responsible for the loss, damage, deterioration, or loss of such items. Guajira Tours Ltda. will inform the passenger of the restrictions established by airlines regarding prohibitions, maximum weight, and number of pieces per passenger, people allowed in attractions or tourist sites, limitations, or access restrictions due to maximum capacity. However, it will be the passenger's exclusive responsibility to comply with these policies, which may vary at the discretion of the transportation companies or the service provider.

All additional information regarding validity, conditions, departure taxes from Colombia and abroad, fees, charges, and other mandatory payments, preventive health measures at the destination, assistance services must be consulted with the travel advisor at the time of booking, and will also be informed to the passenger in the travel documents, according to the characteristics that apply to each one.

All prices, rates, taxes, fees, or contributions, presented on the website, any medium, or quotation are subject to change, availability, and validity without prior notice, and must be assumed by the passenger at the time of issuing the travel documents. Restrictions and conditions apply for each published rate according to its validity. Hotel rates depend on the selected accommodation. The cancellation policies, penalties, restrictions, and particular conditions of the package will be informed to the passenger at the time of issuing the travel documents.

The client declares that they know and accept these conditions in their entirety, which constitute the unique, total, and exclusive agreement of any pact or legal provision to the contrary, regarding the terms, conditions, and restrictions of the contracted services.

RNT No. 645


Guajira Tours rejects the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. We invite you to report to the competent authorities if you notice anything unusual.

GUAJIRA TOURS LTDA is committed to the code of conduct against the Sexual Exploitation and Violence of Children and, in compliance with articles 16 and 17 of Law 679 of 2001, warns about the legal consequences.

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