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In La Guajira you live the magic

* Please note the information provided by the advisor regarding payment, cancellation, refunds, and penalties at the time of booking.

These are attached at the end of this document and available through virtual means.

* In the event of cancellation by the passenger, charges will be applied according to the established policies, based on the expenses incurred for the confirmation of the booking, in addition to the agency's administrative fees and/or penalties imposed by the operator.


  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice and availability at the time of booking.

  • Prices are per person in Colombian pesos according to the accommodation.

  • Itinerary is subject to change without prior notice, only guaranteed with full payment of the service.

  • The provided meals are pre-established menus typical of the visited location. If you require a different or special menu, the passenger must cover the difference.

  • Child rates may vary depending on the operator and destination.

  • For children staying in the same room as adults, they pay for hotel insurance and expenses directly at the hotel.

  • Maximum of 2 children per room.

  • Receptives in La Guajira are carried out with local hosts/drivers. The cost of an individual guide service is additional and must be requested in advance.

  • Hotel check-in time is 15:00 hours / Check-out time is 12:00 hours.

  • All Colombian passengers must carry their valid national ID, and foreigners must carry their respective passports.

  • Please consult with your advisor for medical assistance cards, as well as preventive health measures and required documentation.

  • During your stay, we may take photographs and videos of your experience for agency advertising purposes.


  • In the event of cancellation by the passenger, a 10% agency administrative fee will be charged, in addition to the expenses and/or penalties charged by the operator.

  • The refund of the plan will be applied in accordance with the cancellation policy terms. Once the trip has begun, the included services not used will not be refundable unless the cancellation is due to verifiable force majeure, illness duly certified by the EPS, or the death of the passenger.

  • Please confirm payment and cancellation policies at the time of booking, as they may vary depending on the travel date.


Once the service is contracted, the visitor must appear and use the agreed-upon services. Otherwise, the provider may demand payment of the full price or rate if the services are canceled with a minimum of 24 hours' notice, or retain the deposit or advance previously received from the tourist user if agreed upon. (Article 65 of Law 300 of 1996).

The client declares that they are aware of and fully accept these conditions, which constitute the sole, total, and exclusive agreement regarding the terms, conditions, and restrictions of the contracted services.



The prices indicated in the program have been calculated for the travel date and may be reviewed in case there are variations in the cost of services, related taxes and fees, and exchange rates applied to the trip. This budget is not a reservation and is subject to the availability of services at the time of booking.


A deposit of 50% per passenger is required for reservations for land portions (airline tickets and visas must be paid in full at the time of the request). Deposits and total cancellations of any plan must be made directly at Guajira Tours' offices. Under no circumstances is it allowed to collect the money directly from the client, and it is the client's responsibility to demand their own original receipt at Guajira Tours' offices once the payment is made. In case of a bank deposit, it is only allowed to deposit into accounts registered in the name of Guajira Tours. Failure to meet the mentioned requirements means that Guajira Tours is not responsible for any damage. Guajira Tours follows embassy regulations for visa processing according to the suggested processing time by the embassies; therefore, the company is not responsible for delays caused by them or for expenses incurred in case a visa is denied due to being a service of means and not results.




Promote and encourage good conduct in tourism sales, preventing the sexual abuse of minors and human trafficking.

Verify with the client what is offered matches what is in the travel document.

Control terrestrial, native tourist services at all stages.

Verify the compliance of all tourist services, land portions when the passenger returns.



Provide means of communication for customers to express their satisfaction with the service.

Respond to their concerns, with a maximum of 8 days to provide an initial response; the duration and closure of the case may vary depending on the service.

Verify that what was promised and agreed upon in the reservation confirmation corresponds to the services received by the customer.



Celebration of agency staff birthdays.

Send birthday greetings to clients through virtual means.

Provide time for staff training.

Offer incentives for referred clients or sales targets.

Highlight special dates in virtual marketing.

Monitor terrestrial tourist services at different stages.

Send public interest advertising through virtual marketing to encourage infrequent customers to make purchases.



Payments can be made in cash, credit cards, debit cards, deposits, and electronic transfers.

Payments are made in Colombian pesos calculated at the IATA exchange rate on the transaction date.

Corporate credits for the sale of national tickets with payment within 15 calendar days.

Refunds are made according to the service and supplier used, taking into account charges and penalties.

Airline tickets can only be canceled or annulled on the same day of issuance.



In compliance with the provisions of the Colombian Commercial Code, under all circumstances and without exception, the refund will be made for unused services, provided that the value of the expenses incurred, penalties, or fines charged by the service provider are covered, considering that Guajira Tours is an intermediary in the services.

Guajira Tours is not responsible for cancellations or non-attendance to contracted services due to unforeseen events or force majeure. Therefore, the charges, conditions, and management of the operator are always taken into account.

• 30 days before the trip, 20% of the total plan value is retained, and the remaining balance is refunded to the purchaser's account within the next 15 business days.

• 15 days before the trip, 30% of the total plan value is retained, and the remaining balance is refunded to the purchaser's account within the next 15 business days.

• 10 days before the trip, 50% of the total plan value is retained.

• Within 24 hours prior to the start of the services or in case of non-appearance, 100% of the total paid amount is retained, with no refund from Viajes Guajira Tours Ltda.


Guajira Tours is committed to sustainable development through its activities and will discourage the consumption and trafficking of species of native fauna and flora in danger of extinction to conserve the natural heritage of the region. We will adopt new technologies and the use of alternative energy sources to minimize our footprint and optimize the resources used in providing our services.

In the course of its activities, Guajira Tours will promote the customs, traditions, and traditions of the visited destinations, always ensuring that its customers show respectful behavior towards the populations and places visited to generate harmonious relationships with the receiving community. Guajira Tours declares its rejection of the commercial sexual exploitation of children, girls, and adolescents.

Guajira Tours will involve local communities as suppliers whenever applicable, whose products and services comply with the quality standards established by the agency in its procedures under fair conditions.



Guajira Tours Ltda voluntarily adheres to the parameters of Law 679 of 2001, "by means of which a statute is issued to prevent and counteract the exploitation, pornography, and sexual tourism with minors, in development of Article 44 of the Constitution." Furthermore, customers are advised that neither the agency nor its guides will promote any such practices under any circumstances.

Guajira Tours Ltda undertakes to manage as many variables as are within our reach in the execution of the program, considering the possibility of alterations to this proposed program due to unforeseen events that may occur, caused by weather, road closures, closed roads, medical emergencies, poor communications, transportation failures or delays, among other factors.

There are limits to the responsibilities of Guajira Tours Ltda in legal matters or other inconveniences in which the user may be involved. In case the user is forced to withdraw from the tour for various reasons and also regarding the personal expenses that the passenger incurs. (Ministry of Commerce Decree 053 Art. 03 of 2002)

There are circumstances in which Guajira Tours Ltda reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary, travel dates, hotels, transportation, and other necessary changes to ensure the success of the tour. (Ministry of Commerce Decree 053 of 2002)

Guajira Tours Ltda is subject to the liability regime established by Law 300/96 and D.R. 1075/97

Guajira Tours Ltda is subject to the liability regime established by Law 300/96, D.R. 1075/97, Decree 2438 of 2010, and the regulations that modify, add, or reform them. The responsibility of the organizer of the tour or travel package is limited to the terms and conditions of the program regarding the provision and quality of the services. The agency assumes no responsibility for the passenger for air transportation services, except for chartered flights and in accordance with the conditions of the transportation contract.

The refund policies for services not provided due to force majeure, fortuitous events, actions or omissions of third parties or the passenger, not attributable to the travel agency, before or during the trip, which may be subject to refund, will be defined by each operator, and they will be confirmed to the user once the travel documents are booked and issued, as well as the percentages of penalties or deductions that may apply. Guajira Tours Ltda. is not a joint guarantor for the sums requested for reimbursement. Refunds, where applicable, will be made within 30 calendar days following the request. However, if the process takes longer for reasons beyond Guajira Tours Ltda's control, no interest will be recognized on the sums to be reimbursed. The percentage of the refund will depend on the conditions of the supplier and the agency's administrative expenses.

The agency assumes no responsibility for the user or traveler for events such as accidents, strikes, riots, earthquakes, climatic or natural phenomena, security conditions, political factors, denial of entry permits or visas, the traveler's legal affairs, health matters, and any other case of force majeure or fortuitous event that may occur before or during the trip.

In case of force majeure or fortuitous event before or during the trip (accidents, strikes, riots, earthquakes, climatic factors, security conditions, political factors, denial of entry permits, health matters, among others), or simply to guarantee the success of the plan, the operator and/or the agency may modify, replace, or cancel itineraries, travel dates, flights, hotels, optional services, which is now accepted by the passenger at the time of purchasing the services.

If a visa is required, Guajira Tours Ltda. will provide the necessary advice, but all matters related to the process, the documents required, the study, costs, processing time, and approval or rejection are solely the responsibility of the consular authority. In the event of a visa denial, there will be no refund of the sums paid by the applicant. In any case, it will be the sole responsibility of the passenger to process and meet the informed requirements.

The specific conditions of each plan will define the payment method and terms. The value and payment method of deposits or advances, tickets, reservations for sporting and cultural events, fairs, exhibitions, and similar events, will be subject to the conditions of the organizer of such events, which will be informed at the time of purchase.

The passenger will be solely responsible for the custody of their luggage and travel documents. Guajira Tours Ltda. may guide the passenger in the event of lost luggage or travel documents; however, under no circumstances will it be responsible for the loss, damage, deterioration, or theft of such items. Guajira Tours Ltda. will inform the passenger of the restrictions established by airlines regarding prohibitions, maximum weight, and the number of pieces per passenger, persons allowed at attractions or tourist sites, access limitations or restrictions due to maximum capacity. However, it will be the sole responsibility of the passenger to comply with these policies, which may vary at the discretion of the transportation companies or the service provider.

Any additional information related to validity, conditions, departure taxes from Colombia and abroad, fees, charges, and other mandatory payments, preventive health measures at the destination, and assistance services should be consulted with the travel advisor at the time of booking, and they will also be provided to the passenger in the travel documents, according to the characteristics that apply to each one.

All prices, rates, taxes, fees, or contributions presented on the website, any means, or quotation are subject to change, availability, and validity without prior notice, which must be assumed by the passenger at the time of issuing the travel documents. Restrictions and conditions apply to each published rate according to its validity. Hotel rates depend on the selected accommodation. Cancellation policies, penalties, restrictions, and specific conditions of the package will be informed to the passenger when the travel documents are issued.

The customer declares that they are aware of and accept these conditions in their entirety, which constitute the sole, total, and exclusive agreement regarding any contrary legal provisions, regarding the terms, conditions, and restrictions of the services contracted.

RNT No. 645


The exploitation and sexual abuse of minors are sanctioned with imprisonment, in accordance with the provisions of Law 679 of 2001 and Law 1336 of 2009. NIT. 892.115.135-7

Guajira Tours Ltda rejects the sexual exploitation of children, boys, and adolescents and invites them to report to the competent authorities if they notice anything unusual.

Guajira Tours Ltda is committed to the code of conduct against the Sexual Exploitation and Violence against Children and in compliance with articles 16 and 17 of Law 679 of 2001, warns about the legal consequences.

Guajira Tours
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