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Wayuu crafts and culture


Who we are

We were established on May 31, 1983, registered with the Chamber of Commerce of La Guajira under registration number 6149. We are affiliated with ANATO and IATA No. 76004541 and hold quality certifications NTS AV01, AV02, AV04, with National Tourism Registry 645.



We are a service provider that advises, intermediates, and organizes regional, national, and international tourism activities to meet our clients' expectations through technological support and a committed team known for trust, responsibility, honesty, and respect for the benefit of our organization, clients, and partners.


In 2020, GUAJIRA TOURS LTDA will be a leader in La Guajira among tourism agencies, being the best choice for our clients, in an atmosphere of trust based on our organizational values and the excellent quality of our services


Quality Policy Mission

The Guajira Tours Travel Agency is committed to continuously satisfying customers, generating a culture of quality through the continuous improvement of our processes and the ongoing training of our human resources. We comply with the legal requirements applicable to the organization and ensure profits for our partners.

Sustainability Policy

Guajira Tours Travel Agency is committed to sustainable development through its activities, discouraging the consumption and trafficking of native fauna and flora species on the verge of extinction to conserve the natural heritage of the region. We will adopt new technologies and use alternative energies to minimize our footprint and optimize the resources used in providing our services.


Our philosophy regarding customers is to perceive and address their requirements, improve services to meet their current and future needs. Regarding personnel, we have highly qualified individuals who work as a team with values and principles of Trust, Confidentiality, Honesty, Responsibility, and Respect.



Our Amadeus platform allows us to meet our clients' travel expectations by processing their tickets to any destination in the world, addressing their needs:

• Institutional

• Family

• Individual

• Group (by air, sea, and land)

Outbound Tourism

We offer the Guajiro market destinations and packages developed according to their expectations in different places in Colombia and the world, guaranteeing Trust, Confidentiality, Honesty, Responsibility, and Respect, in addition to operational support at selected destinations with backup assistance and continuous attention.

Inbound Tourism

You can request and find solutions to your travel needs, such as hotel reservations, ground transportation, special packages designed in the department of La Guajira and throughout the Caribbean region.

Events and Conventions

Services with excellent quality assurance for groups of up to 300 people, conducting activities such as:

• Seminars

• Board meetings

• Meetings

• Conversations

• Festivals, etc.

Other Services

• Visa and documentation advice and processing

• Studies Abroad: Language courses, summer and winter camps, exchange programs.

• National and International travel medical assistance insurance.

• Cruises

Social Responsibility

Guajira Tours Travel Agency is committed to the code of conduct against the exploitation and sexual abuse of children, in compliance with Articles 16 and 17 of Law 679 of 2001 and Law 1336 of 2009. We WARN about the legal consequences of the exploitation and sexual abuse of minors.

We are also committed to the environment and are part of the group defending animals on the verge of extinction. For this reason, we have joined the program led by Corpoguajira (Regional Autochthonous Corporation of La Guajira) "Adopt a Turtle," which seeks to implement awareness actions to preserve sea turtles in the Guajira territory.

GUAJIRA TOURS LTDA. Rejects the illegal marketing and trafficking of regional and national cultural goods. Law 103 of 1931, Law 63 of 1986, Law 397 of 1997 and its decree 833 of 2002, Law 1185 of 2008, warns about the legal consequences.

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