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Unique landscapes in the Alta Guajira

Recommendations for a Good Ecotourism Experience

Guajira Tours Ltda. has established some recommendations for its activities in nature destinations:


  1. Appreciate the flora and fauna of the ecosystems you visit without cutting or damaging them.

  2. Avoid lighting fires or bonfires in any area of La Guajira, as it is a high-risk fire zone.

  3. Refrain from bringing packages, bottles, or other materials that may generate trash.

  4. Compact the trash and take it with you.

  5. Ensure that no trace of your visit is left behind.

  6. Exercise extra care and avoid touching or stepping on plant or animal species in fragile ecosystems.

  7. Properly manage solid waste in the areas you visit.

  8. Avoid disturbing wildlife. Observe local fauna from a respectful distance.

  9. Carry a plastic bag to protect your clothes from moisture; do not litter.

  10. Try not to bring synthetic waste; these items should be returned to their place of origin, the city. Help us keep it clean.

  11. For your health, consume natural foods with low chemical levels and minimal plastic or synthetic packaging.

  12. Pets are not allowed in national parks or protected areas as they can introduce new diseases to the park's wildlife.


  1. Respect the culture and customs of the people in indigenous or local communities you visit.

  2. Respect private property and its inhabitants.

  3. Travel with the accompaniment of local guides or interpreters.

  4. Follow the recommendations of local guides or interpreters.

  5. Ask for permission before taking photographs or videos in indigenous, rural, or Afro-descendant communities.

  6. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages.

  7. Do not bring firearms.

  8. Refrain from promoting or supporting child sexual exploitation.

Local Economy

  1. Support the local economy by purchasing products made by local populations, as long as these products are not made from endangered species and their sale does not violate the law.

  2. Use local transportation and local guides for your travel within the region.

  3. Carry money for buying handicrafts in local indigenous communities; it's a good way to contribute.

Health and Safety

  1. Consume only bottled water.

  2. Get vaccinated against yellow fever and tetanus.

  3. Carry a small first-aid kit with your medications.

  4. Notify in advance if you are allergic to any foods, such as seafood, pork, shrimp, or any medications.

General Recommendations

  1. Pack comfortable luggage, previously packed in plastic bags to prevent moisture. Include cotton clothing, long pants and long-sleeved shirts, a hat or cap, flashlight, camera, comfortable shoes or sneakers, sunscreen, personal items, and any medications you are currently taking.

  2. Bring sunglasses.

  3. Avoid promoting loud sounds.

  4. It's important to carry insect repellent like MENTICOL WITH NOPIQUEX MIXTURE or citronella oil to apply to the skin.

  5. Bring an additional small backpack for outings.

  6. Before putting on shoes (boots or sneakers), shake them well to avoid accidents.

  7. Do not touch or slide your hands along railings on platforms in parks or lift logs or stones.

  8. In case of any accident or unexpected situation, please contact the driver and/or guide as soon as possible or call Guajira Tours.

  9. Remember that you can be the cause of an accident, so please follow established recommendations and rules.

  10. Do not leave trash in the different parks or visited sites; take it back to the city and dispose of it properly.

  11. Do not bring wildlife, flora, or mineral material from the parks and visited areas.

  12. Follow caution signs and recommendations from Ministry of Environment officials when visiting natural areas.

  13. Artificial tears.

  14. Get vaccinated against yellow fever at least 10 days before.

  15. Bring towels.

  16. Avoid offering alcoholic beverages to drivers, guides, and indigenous populations.

  17. La Guajira is an area where water is scarce, so we request that you do not waste it.

  18. Bring personal hygiene products and cash, as you will only find ATMs in Riohacha and Uribia.

  19. Electricity is limited in lodges; there is electricity from 6 pm to 9 pm when you can charge cell phones, cameras, and other electronic devices.

IMPORTANT: If you are vegetarian, taking medication, undergoing medical treatment, or have any known allergies, please inform us well in advance of the trip.

Have a good trip!
Guajira Tours Colombia
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